Create a stylish outdoor entertaining area

Designing our homes or commercial spaces does require our own imagination, creativity and experience, but consultation with specialists in the field is undoubtedly a cherry on top. Everything from design concepts and trends to DIY hacks and professional tips can be found at Accessible Home Mods. Together with our experts’ help and advice you can develop your own ideas and boost your interior design business or effectively decorate your own...

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Small & Bright Family Home Renovation

A beautiful aspect behind a healthy and a steady home is the beautification done inside it. Remember, all the modifications that are done in the house can be further assisted by the likes of this blog. This blog will not only give you some useful hacks and advices about the interior modifications of the house, but will also enable you to work efficiently with their easy steps. A new look for your home is nothing less than luxury, if you look at...

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100-year Old Cottage Renovation

Accessible Home Mods is a resource blog on house or office maintenance and renovation, where you can find helpful tips, guidelines and advice related to all the issues that keep bothering you off and on. They can be related to landscaping services, interior design and accessories like furniture, blinds and curtains, plumbing and roof restoration services and the like – we include tips on hiring services for cleaning and maintenance, and...

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Kitchen remodeling

Many a times even after we are technically done with setting up our homes, some or the other things either look wacky or cause troubles. At Accessible Home Mods you can look for and find the best fixes for any such problems. From dealing with leaky taps and blocked drains, to getting your cable fixed, hiring services for roofing or asbestos removal, get in touch with the experts, for DIY tips or service. If your home, or a portion of it needs a...

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Balcony Repair & Waterproofing

Balcony waterproofing is necessary for the balconies in any house. One needs to make use of certain basic equipment in order to get the work done. A complete re-sheet and installation of waterproofing material is done in order to repair the 2nd floor balcony. Plywood sheeting and wooden handrails are also installed, as seen in this balcony waterproofing video. The entire process is clearly explained step-by-step. Metal around the balcony is...

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Home Modification for Life

Home modifications are changes made to adapt living spaces to meet the needs of people so they can continue to live independently and safely. These modifications may include making structural changes to a home and modifications can range from something simple as changing kitchen cabinets to major full-scale construction projects. On this blog we share recommendations from industry experts to make your home look more desirable. Check out our...

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