Furniture is a very important part in any house. It serves the purpose of relaxation, comfort, storage and so much more. You need to sleep, there’s a bed for it. You need to sit, there’s a chair for it. You need a place to keep your books, there’s a rack for it. And therefore, we have come up with a list of furniture designs that are not just crucial to your home interiors but will also enhance the aesthetics of your home and make mobility easy. So, let’s check three such modern furniture trends for your home decor!

Portable Sofa

This genius sofa from Netherlands has been catching all the attention recently. That is because of the awesome mobility that it offers. Do you want to move it? You deflate it, put it in a pouch and carry it around. You want to use it, well, then just inflate it, and voila, it’s ready to use! It’s about 6.5 feet long and 3 feet wide. The company that made this quirky hangout is named ‘Lamzac’ which literally translates to’a lazy person’. Also, since it comes in a number of colours, you don’t have to worry about matching it with your other furniture.

Cabinets on Wheels

The only reason why I’d suggest this movable cabinet design is for their multi-utility purposes. You can use them to keep your stuff and still use them as your dinner or lunch table whenever you need one. They are also good for parties – you can move them to your lawns as and when a party is to happen. This is not all, though, with regular innovation in design techniques, you can simply get one custom made for yourself, to suit your furniture. Or even better, you can simply get one from Ikea, they have wonderful designs available.

Storage Beds

Storage beds are ideal for small homes and where space is the biggest issue. They serve two purposes – one, of serving as a bed for you and two, of storage. All you have to do is open the lid or drawers and throw all your duvets, pillows, cushions and other miscellaneous stuff inside it. This will help you get rid of things that you don’t use on a day to day basis and at the same time be there with you for future purposes. Wonderful, right!?

These home furniture ideas are not just easy to use and install, but they are also great space savers. You can move them as per your requirement and be at ease at all time.